Bob 'Lightning' WayneBob Wayne has been involved with music ever since his first clarinet lesson at the age of ten.  He quickly went from clarinet to tenor sax and then to “Gut Bucket” bass for his first musical group with fellow high school students Marty Kaniger (later to be a fellow member of “Big Daddy”) and Mike Shedlin.  Their folk group, The Ascot Singers, never replaced Peter, Paul and Mary at the top of the charts but it was Bob’s first taste of performing and singing in front of an audience and he was hooked.

After graduating from UCLA with an MBA in 1973, Bob took a job at Preview House, a market research firm in Hollywood.  He became involved with testing records for major labels and ran the department in charge of format transfers and quality control.

During that same time, Bob, Marty Kaniger, Tom Lee, Gary Hoffman and David Starns formed a band that would turn out to have a very long musical life…”Big Daddy”.  Starting out as an 1950’s “oldies” band, Big Daddy eventually recorded five CD’s…four of which were released on Rhino Records from 1983 – 1992.  The band also toured extensively overseas and had a national top 20 hit in 1985 with the Bruce Springsteen penned “Dancing In The Dark”.  Bob along with Big Daddy members Marty Kaniger and Don Raymond recorded “Chantmania” as “The Benzadrine Monks of Santo Domonica”.  This spoof on the “Chant” album from 1994 became the biggest domestic original release ever on the Rhino Records label.
Bob also established Sunburst Recording, a full service recording studio for both music and spoken word.
Sunburst is still run by Bob and has been at the same location in Culver City, CA since 1982.  For more information on Sunburst and Bob’s recording credits go to

Bob currently is Director of the studio which specializes in acoustic and ensemble recording.  He has won a Grammy award for his engineering work on George Carlin’s CD “Napalm & Silly Putty”… and has also been a Grammy finalist five times with Firesign Theatre, Al McKibbon, and George Carlin.  He has also recorded and produced many other projects including work with Adam Sandler, Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer), and Henry Mancini Sax legend Plas Johnson.

More recently, Bob established Sunburst Archiving & Restoration Services, a division of Sunburst Recording.  During the past five years, this division has grown to help rescue deteriorating analog recordings for educational institutions (including UCLA Research Library’s Special Collection),
museums, and the music industry

Bob also produces narration and sound effect recordings for Morbid Industries, a division of Rubie’s Costume Company, the worlds largest manufacturer of Halloween costumes.

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