What Really Happened to the Band of 59

Meanwhile Back in the States

      1. I Write the Songs

      2. Betty Davis Eyes

      3. Super Freak

      4. Star Wars

      5. Whip It

      6. Ebony and Ivory

      7. You Don't Bring Me Flowers

      8. Hit Me With Your Best Shot

      9. The Rose

      10. Just What I Needed

      11. Hotel California

      12. Eye of the Tiger

What Ever Happened To The Band of 59
Eddie ‘the bat’ says…

Man, I love this album. Oh, how it pains me to think I didn’t get this album until late 1998 on vinyl. The mp3 conversion of what I assume are the original masters sound brilliant!

Big Daddy is a concept band that recorded under the guise of being an authentic 1950’s era ‘doo-wop’ band that was captured on a U.S.O. tour in southeast Asia in the late 1950’s. After being rescued, they decided to cut some more contemporary songs but only knew the musical stylings of the pre-British Invasion 50’s. Or, to use the words of band member Marty Kaniger, “We made old versions of new songs.” The results are perhaps a precursor to the modern ‘mash-up’, where two songs seem to exist in the same space. Wow!

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