The Best of Big Daddy

Best of Big Daddy

      1. Dancing In The Dark

      2. Help Me Make It Through The Night

      3. Super Freak

      4. Little Red Corvette

      5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

      6. Once In A Lifetime

      7. Whip It

      8. My Heart Will Go On

      9. Eye of The Tiger

      10. Every Breath You Take

      11. Sukiyaki

      12. Money For Nothing

      13. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

      14. With A Little Help From My Friends

      15. When I'm Sixty-Four

      16. A Day In The Life

The Best of Big Daddy

What can I say, it's a great collection of Big Daddy songs. If you've never heard dee's guys, this would be a great introduction. Your mind will never be the same!

Vinnie 'the auto mechanic'


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