Meanwhile . . . Back in the States

TV Guise 2nd LP

      1. I Want to Know What Love Is

      2. You Were Always On My Mind

      3. Sussudio

      4. Dancing in the Dark

      5. I Just Called to Say I Love You

      6. Billie Jean

      7. Flashdance

      8. Jump

      9. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

      10. Safety Dance

      11. Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me

      12. Every Breath You Take

      13. Purple Rain

      14. All Night Long

Meanwhile Back in the States
By…Bill Board (God’s Wrath, Ohio)

WHY Isn’t this available on CD? It’s freaking BRILLIANT – but just that one track where Big Daddy remake/remodel Michael’s “Billie Jean” into EXACTLY like Gene Vincent would have done it, had he had lyrics instead of babbling “Be-bop a-lula” – and then, with a Booker T & The MGs keyboard break in the middle when the singer (Marty, I think) yells “Let’s Rock?” Folks, there is no question that Elvis took Rock and Roll with him when he died. And all…ALL that justified radio’s mere existence in the Eighties was the resurrection of Tina Turner…and Big Daddy. That’s why Big Daddy “re-interpret” top-40 crap and make it into something listenable. I KNOW Rhino and somebody named “Oglio” released a “Greatest Hits” thing in 2000…maybe if we lean on them, maybe…just maybe…

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